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Food Service/Kitchen Utility Worker Full-Time

Concord, NC · Healthcare
Be part of an INCLUSIVE, growing company!  Our client understands the talent and value the disability community brings to an organization.  Join a Retirement Homes team where residents and employees flourish and become extensions of family that recognizes the dignity and worth of each individual.

Job Qualifications/Duties 

  1. Covid-19 vaccination required
  2. High School diploma, GED, or equivalent experience.
  3. Good oral communication skills and demonstrated judgment.
  4. *Must be 18 years of age.
  5. *Must be able to use the English language to satisfy the communications and record keeping requirements involved in the performance of this job position with or without reasonable accommodation.
  6. Must maintain neat, well-groomed appearance adhering to dress code of the facility.
  7. *Must be able to safely perform all essential job functions without harm to self or others with or without reasonable accommodation.
  8. *Must comply with facility’s drug testing and substance abuse program and policies.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Performance of general cleaning duties, inclusive of daily floor cleaning and buffing in the kitchen.
  2. Performance of dishwashing procedures.
  3. Performance of “3 sink” pot and dish washing procedures.
  4. Working with cleaning chemicals.
  5. Assisting in food preparation as directed.
  6. Processing and storing incoming orders and supplies according to department policies and procedures.
  7. Adherence to all sanitation and food handling protocols.
  8. Adherence to all safety policies and procedures of Brookridge. 
  9. Maintenance of confidentially of all pertinent residents information or assure residents and employees rights of confidentiality are protected.
  10. Proper personal appearance and hygiene according to established procedures 
  11. Attendance and participation in in-service training programs
  12. storage area are maintained in a clean and Reporting of all accidents/incidents.
  13. Reporting of all hazardous conditions or equipment
  14. Assurance that food preparation and properly arranged manner at all times.
  15. Performance of other duties as deemed necessary and appropriate, or as may be directed.
  16. Informs supervisor of all equipment breakdowns.
  17. Removes trash and garbage to disposal area. Clean and sanitize trashcans, lids, and garbage bins.
  18. Changes work schedule or works overtime on occasion to meet the needs of the facility.
  19. Comes to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrates dependability and punctuality.
  20. Assumes responsibility and accountability for information contained in the Employee Information Booklet.

Physical/Mental Requirements

  1. *Performance of job functions involves standing 60%, walking 40%.
  2. *Frequent twisting, stooping, bending, squatting, and reaching at above and below shoulder level, and occasional kneeling, crawling, and climbing of ladder and stairs is required to perform job functions.
  3. *Performance of job functions includes having the ability to lift 50 pounds and pushing up to 100 pounds.
  4. *Expected to frequently concentrate on tasks involving from moderate to fine detail with some interruptions; and to occasionally concentrate on tasks involving minimal to moderate detail with little to some interruption.
  5. Performance of job functions requires the ability to understand and relate to specific ideas, generally one at a time, and occasionally several ideas at a time.
  6. Expected to attend to a task/function ranging in time from less than 10 minutes to 20-45 minutes, and occasionally remember verbal and written assignments for a full shift of work.
  7. *Should be able to read small print in directions, labels; and occasionally to discriminate colors etc.
  8. *Occasionally expected to make assessments of products based on smell, such as spoiled food, and to distinguish separate seasonings, flavoring, etc.

Environmental Conditions

  1. Works inside a climate building with an average normal temperature 75 degrees, and ranging from a high of 90 degrees and a low of 0 degrees (cooler/freezer)
  2. Occasional exposure to grease or oil, dust, chemicals, bodily injuries, burns, and loud or unpleasant noises.
  3. Occasional exposure to blood, body tissue or fluids 

Equipment Utilized

Telephone, dishwasher, steam table, pot sinks, can opener, brooms, mops, pressure washing equipment, general cleaning implements, chemical solutions, carts and trays gloves, hairnets and non-skid shoes are needed.


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