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Medical Technician - 2nd Shift $1,500 Sign-On Bonus!

Asheville, NC · Healthcare
Be part of an INCLUSIVE, growing company!  Our client understands the talent and value the disability community brings to an organization.  Join a Retirement Homes team where residents and employees flourish and become extensions of family that recognizes the dignity and worth of each individual.


  • Provides a variety of personal care services to meet the care needs of residents. Assists each resident in maintaining his/her personal dignity and control of his/her life, consistent with the facility's policies and programs, and the rules and regulations of regulatory agencies of the federal, state, and local governments. 


  • Covid-19 Vaccination required 
  • Must be certified as a CNA
  • Work history in caring for older adults preferred. 
  • Be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Completed high school or GED equivalent. 
  • Must be able to use the English language to satisfy the communications and record keeping 
  • requirements involved in the performance of this job position with or without reasonable accommodation. 
  • Must maintain neat, well groomed appearance adhering to dress code of the facility. 
  • Must satisfy all established licensing and certification requirements applicable to this job position. 
  • Must be able to safely perform all essential job functions without harm to self or others with or without reasonable accommodation. 
  • Must comply with facility's drug testing and substance abuse program and policies.

Supervision (Given and Received); 

  • Given: None, except when functioning as relief supervisor-in-charge. 
  • Received: Direct supervision by Assisted Living Coordinator or by RSIC during absence of Assisted Living Coordinator.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Provides, or assists resident with personal care needs, including: bathing, dressing and undressing, eating, ambulation, oral care, hair and nail care, elimination needs, shaving, application of make-up. 
  • Takes and records temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure according to instructions. 
  • Observes and reports immediately any physical and/or behavioral changes in resident to Assisted Living Coordinator. 
  • All items marked with an asterisk are considered Essential Job Functions for this position. 
  • Administer medications and treatments to residents according to doctor's orders, at times specified, and charting same immediately after medications and/or treatment 
  • Assist residents with feeding as needed in dining room, or take tray of food to his/her room and assist him/her when he/she is unable to come to the dining room. 
  • Possess a working knowledge of how to operate the medicine cart, how to maintain security and safety of medicines in cart, and report immediately to Assisted Living Coordinator any losses or discrepancy in medicine count. 
  • Maintain a neat and orderly medicine cart and medicine room, 
  • Coordinate daily orders of drugs and related medical supplies with Assisted Living Coordinator. Transfers orders from Physician Order Form to MAR's and checks monthly MAR for accuracy. 
  • Assists residents to participate in individual and/or group activities planned and carried out in or outside the Home, 
  • Uses appropriate techniques to assure infection control; this includes good handwashing techniques and adherence to other infection control practices. 
  • Follows all safety, security, infection control, universal precautions, and hazardous materials policies and procedures. Performs all tasks to assure resident personal safety and the protection of co-workers and facility property,
  • Knows and ensures that all resident rights are maintained at all times. Reports any violations or suspected deviations according to facility property, 
  • Uses appropriate and safe body mechanics techniques, and all appropriate assistant devices, when lifting and/or transferring residents or supplies. 
  • Documents in the nursing assistant notes the care and treatment provided to the resident and the  resident's response or lack of response to care provided. 
  • Maintains confidentiality of all resident care information. 
  • Works tactfully and cooperatively with resident, families, visitors, and other staff throughout the  facility. 
  • Comes to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrates dependability and punctuality. 
  • Changes work schedule or works overtime on occasion to meet the needs of the facility. 
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings, care planning, in-service sessions as scheduled. 
  • Knows and follows existing lines of communication and authority, 
  • All items marked with an asterisk are considered Essential Job Functions for this position. 
  • Maintains a working knowledge of personnel policies and other information contained in the  Employee Handbook. 
  • Assists other staff members as needed within the limits of training and certification, 
  • Signs all Medical Administration Records and daily report sheets at the time the service is given.  Keep all records up to date and signed. 
  • Assist with housekeeping items such as laundry, etc... and the cleaning of equipment. Assist with  "making of the beds" for residents. 
  • Performs other related duties as directed by supervisor. 

Physical/Mental Requirements

  • The ability to frequently transfer or assist a resident to or from beds, chairs, toilets, tubs and showers. This requires the ability to push, pull, and lift from 25-75 pounds unassisted. 
  • Frequently push/pull residents weighing 80-300 pounds in wheelchairs. 
  • The ability to frequently use all of the equipment listed below, as well as thermometers, blood pressure equipment, a writing instrument, safety pins, buttons, snaps, buckles and tie strings. 
  • Must be able to frequently move about in tight spaces and between objects, equipment and furniture, and to accurately manipulate wheelchairs and medicine carts through doorways, move linen carts, etc. 
  • Constant walking and standing is required, up to 90% of eight hour days, to provide resident care and assistance. 
  • Able to frequently stoop, twist, bend, squat, kneel, and climb stairs to perform essential job functions. 
  • Reaching overhead is frequently required to obtain linens and stock from shelves ranging from floor to six feet, and to remove or replace resident items on closet shelves. 
  • Handling, feeling, fingering, and grasping is frequently required for detecting pulse, using resident care items, and providing tactical stimulation to residents. 
  • The frequent ability to visually identify a resident within a reasonable distance, to focus and read a thermometer, blood pressure gauge and similar equipment, and to identify colors for warning lights, signs, and labels, 
  • Must have the ability to frequently receive verbal instructions and converse with residents, co workers, and visitors. Must also be able to respond to audible emergency signals, alarms, call light indicators and be able to answer a caller on the phone, 
  • Must be able to frequently concentrate on moderate details with frequent interruptions. 
  • All items marked with an asterisk are considered Essential Job Functions for this position. 
  • Attention span necessary to attend to a task/function for 10-25 minutes at a time related to nurse assistant duties. Must be able to remember multiple tasks and assignments over the course of an 8-hour shift. 
  • Ability to understand and frequently carry out the verbal and written instructions of physicians and other health care professionals concerning the care and treatment of residents. 
  • Able to remember and enact emergency procedures and lost resident procedures. 
  • Comprehension of in-service materials and principles as required to understand and apply in practice. 

Environmental Conditions

  • Works in a climate controlled building with some outside activities and trips with residents. 
  • Some exposure to blood, body tissue or fluids and other potentially infectious fluids. 
  • Occasional exposure to loud or unpleasant noises due to unpredictable behaviors of residents. 
  • Occasional exposure to bodily injury due to unpredictable behaviors of residents, 
  • Continuous exposure to latex, plastic and/or other materials which are used as personal protective equipment. 
  • Some exposure to unpleasant odors as related to care of incontinent residents. 
  • Some exposure to dust, and to hazardous materials, such as chemicals, 

Equipment Utilized

  • Laundry carts, medicine carts, wheelchairs, walkers, hearing aids, bathroom and bathing equipment, telephone, intercom, common electrical switches, elevator, electrical shaver, thermometers, blood pressure equipment, and bedpans, 

Responsibility in an Emergency

  • Expected to respond to an emergency situation involving the safety and well-being of residents, other employees, and the physical plant, according to instructions and training provided by the facility. This includes the ability to assist with a possible evacuation of residents. 
  • This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee will also perform other reasonable related duties as assigned by the supervisor or other management staff. 
  • All items marked with an asterisk are considered Essential Job Functions for this position. 
  • Management reserves the right to change job responsibilities, duties and work hours as needed. This document is for management communication only and not intended as an express or implied contract of employment. 
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